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Don’t Miss Anchoring in Cape Lookout Bight (usually accessed from Beaufort Inlet)

I could not agree with Captains David and Dixie more! Some of the very best nights we have ever spent on the water have been enjoyed while swinging on the hook in Cape Lookout Bight!
While it is possible to find your way to this anchorage from Harkers Island and Back Sound, by way of Barden Inlet, this route has some real shoaling problems, and the aids to navigation are scattered and hard to identify on some parts of this passage. Most cruisers will want to cruise to the Bight from Beaufort Inlet.

We live in NC and love the Beaufort/ Morehead area. If you decide to stay there be sure to spend some nights out at Cape Lookout. There are no marinas, restaurants, traffic, …. just a lot of quiet and beautiful beaches. You should be able to watch the weather and have several 60 degree days. Perfect for walking the beaches.
You will be far enough away from light pollution to see the milky way at night.
Be sure to take a spud launcher to launch apple halves to the wild horses. Launch a couple and the horses will appear shortly. Fun to watch the horses chase the apples.
Watch the tide in this area. It can have a 6 foot swing and turns in a hurry. I’ve grounded there once and have seen locals from Harkers Island get grounded there also (course they would rather say they got liquored up and fell asleep than admit to making a nautical mistake).
David and Dixie

Comments from the Cruisers' Net Community (2)

  1. Captain Ben -  June 14, 2010 - 9:40 pm

    Went to Cape Lookout on June 9th. Beware – the Horseflies will feast on you! Keep your cabin doors closed and check your screens! I am still scratching! (Of course we went on shore and got eaten there too)

    Early in the morning we saw sea turtles swimming in the bight, they are a bit shy. Bring a mask and snorkel for seeing the underwater life.


  2. T. Sturgell -  June 9, 2010 - 3:40 pm

    Agree with everything but launching the apples. The national seashore restricts feeding the horses because they’re digestive systems have been adapted to the shore grass with low nutritional value. Eating apples, carrots, etc. can give them colic. The horses are not regularly checked out so there’s not anyone there to treat this condition. Better to row over to Shackleford and hike in to see them. The shelling on Shackleford is outstanding.


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